Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weekend Recap +

Yeah, I know that it's already Thursday, but I wanted to catch some peeps up on my weekend.

Okay it didn't start out so good. My water pump on my car died on me. It started going out last Tuesday on one of my path lab trips in Merced. That's how I spent my Friday, not at work and not out playing. But $210 later, my car was back to good. A little miffed, because if some of you remember, I just replaced my water pump a year and a half ago.

Saturday I worked, then I went DANCING!!!!! Oh how I love dancing. My excellent dance partner Manny was in town for the 3 day weekend, so we went clubbing!!! We hit up a new joint, and who knows, there may be a pair of cowboy boots in my future....

Sunday I worked, I touched on that already, it's all good.

Monday I rode, wrote about that too, then I went to work. I was on a natural high for the rest of the day. Got a high five from my REI colleague Carlos. Props are always welcomed.

Tuesday my office-mate Melissa returned from maturnity leave. I have a new niece!!! Her name is Brianna and she is a cutie!!!

Since then, I've been spending my time getting wet in Merced. It's my first time back hospital abstracting in almost a year. I thought I would be overwhelmed, but I held my own and pulled in some decent numbers. I can't wait until the new hospital is finished. Merced is way overdue....

Tomorrow is Friday, TGIF. Crazy thoughts, I want to win lotto and go back to school. My short attention span wants to try something new....

Just thoughts

Love, Yvette


8675309 said...

Okay, upon a quick glance, I thought it said "getting WED in Merced," and I nearly peed my pants I was so momentarily shocked.

Yvette said...

Trust me, if I was finally getting married, you would know. EVERYONE would know. Even if I was on my way to Las Vegas after a 10 minute reunion/fall in love with Darren, I would call you, Steve, and Amy and tell you guys to meet us there!!!!