Monday, February 2, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

Ok, I have a small problem. I have a poster that I possibly cannot live without. You know what it looks like. You know you do. I absolutely have to hang it in my apartment. I just don't know where. I fear that if I hang it, I will bring my classy bachlorette pad down to a college dorm room. Yet, if I don't hang it somewhere visible, I feel I am denying an essential part of my personality in all of its quirkyness. In all of its Yvette-ness. So, do I hang it in my bedroom? The shoe/massage room? The hallway? The kitchen? I know I don't want to hang it in my living room, but it must be hung. It must be hung. Sigh.


PS- If you don't know me, here is what it looks like.

Quick Update via Email

Have I abandoned this blog?

Have I simply been very busy?

Do I intend to return to this blog?
--I sincerely hope so.

What have I been doing all this time?

1) I applied for a new job, had an interview and made it to the top 3. Then the position was froze due to our lovely state budget issues. It may or may not thaw out. Same work I do now, but down at the hospital level and (so I thought) safe from state budget cut issues like my current job is.

2) Decided to have a work mid-life crisis which led to many sleepless nights. I'm trying to find a way to make following my dreams and earning money and being a productive member of society NOT mutually exclusive.

3) I've joined a Lance Armstrong Foundation LiveSTRONG Challenge team. Me and my bike, 100 miles, San Jose, July 12th. I will be hitting you up for your money to meet my fundraising goal of $1,107.01

4) Half Dome: The Rematch. It's still on, we just don't know when. Possibly June or late September. My friends and I are still trying to nail down a date.

5) My friend and colleague Carolyn who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer died last month. It was painful to watch her deteriorate. I'm glad her pain is over now, but I'm saddened by my loss. Also, since we worked together at the central registry, the mourning is compounded by the fact that now we are one man down. Work stress is elevated right now.

6) Instead of drowning my stress and sadness with bottles of reposado or anejo tequila (and yes, I can drink it straight up without making a face) I have been distracting myself to past the point of obsession with the Twilight series. From January 1 to January 28, I read the entire Twilight series plus the partial manuscript Midnight Sun (Twilight, from Edward's perspective) not once, but twice, AND saw the movie Twilight in the theatre 7 times. In my defense, it's not my most seen movie. Back in 1998-ish I saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the theatre 8 times. I fully admit, Edward makes me swoon. The book Edward, not the movie Edward. In my opinion, the adaptation didn't do any of the characters justice, especially Alice.

7) The soda issue: I am still Coke free. If I make it to tomorrow night (Tuesday) 8:00pm, I will be soda free for 12 weeks!!! 12 weeks, is my record from 5 years ago.

I saved 8 for last since it's happy news (depending who you ask).

8) I'm moving! Got a place of my own- way past due. WAY WAY past due. A simple apartment, two bedrooms one bathroom. A room for me, and a room for my shoes (I own more pairs of Chaco's than allowable by law- I love you REI!). I'm halfway moved in, only because I'm not taking any time off from the day job (see #5 above). I'm very tempted to leave the living room empty, gives me a good space to dance (see #2). What stops me is that my sofa would look ridiculous in the dining room and my massage table is already destined for the shoe room. I'll figure something out. Did I mention that this is way past due?

That's it for now.

Have I lost my mind?