Monday, February 2, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

Ok, I have a small problem. I have a poster that I possibly cannot live without. You know what it looks like. You know you do. I absolutely have to hang it in my apartment. I just don't know where. I fear that if I hang it, I will bring my classy bachlorette pad down to a college dorm room. Yet, if I don't hang it somewhere visible, I feel I am denying an essential part of my personality in all of its quirkyness. In all of its Yvette-ness. So, do I hang it in my bedroom? The shoe/massage room? The hallway? The kitchen? I know I don't want to hang it in my living room, but it must be hung. It must be hung. Sigh.


PS- If you don't know me, here is what it looks like.

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