Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yosemite Pictures

I've finally finished formatting and uploading all my pictures for my yosemite trip. You can view them here:

Yosemite Pictures

Love, Yvette

Thursday, May 22, 2008


If you had trouble reading my anniversary post in your reader, I'm sorry. It was a post via email, and for some reason the font color didn't go through correctly. It's supposed to be black in your reader, and the green in the website. So I tried to fix it myself, to disasterous results. So if you can't read it in the reader, just go to the website.

I am sad. So very sad.

My car is in the shop. It's been in the shop since May 8th. For me, that is a very long time. It's a big repair, and a very expensive repair. I don't speak car, so you'll just have believe me that it has something to do with my air conditioning. I heard terms like compressor and evap-something coils. Or was it core? I dunno. I don't speak car. Anyways it also involves parts you can't just call Decker for. So that is what I'm waiting on.

Because I had to travel to Porterville and Merced since my car went into the shop, I had to get a rental. Talk about expense on top of expense. Not happy and I can't do it anymore, so tomorrow evening, once I return from Porterville (again), I'm turning the car in and going bicycle. Hopefully this funky weather will stay mellow and I'll be able to ride in peace. I have new pedals and tires, so I don't have an excuse not to ride.

Okay, time for the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Gotta run :)

Love, Yvette

Picture test

Just wanted to try the cell phone.

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Last Test for Today

Olha que coisa mais linda
mais cheia de graca
e ela a menina que vem e que passa
num doce balanco a caminho do mar.
Moca do corpo dourado do sol de Ipanema
o seu balancado e mais que um poema
e a coisa mais linda que eu ja vi passar.

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!!

I just realized that today is my 7th anniversary with the company I work for. I started out as a temp-to-hire program assistant (read: Secretary) in March of 2001. I was just kicked out of Cost Plus World Market for refusing to join the union, and I needed a job desperately. I walked into a temp agency on Monday March 12 for assessment and interview. Didn't go so well, because it was during those days of rolling blackouts (thanks, Enron) so I couldn't take the required computer tests. I returned the next day for my tests, and I kicked ass on the MS Office test. (Well, duh.) On Wednesday I was called, I had an interview on Thursday. After my interview, I returned home and started packing my bags. I was going out of town on Friday to Palm Springs with my friends Kat & Mouse. It was a big, huge, weekend party, and I was going to get my grove on. Friday morning while I was waiting to be picked up, the temp agency called and offered me the position. I accepted. My start date was that coming Monday the 19th. So I went to Palms Springs, drank lots, danced my ass off, and got back into town Monday morning around 3am. I slept for around 4 hours and then got up, got dressed and reported for work at the CHC with the Breast Cancer Treatment Fund.

I have been with the CHC ever since. Not my longest employment, but by far my most productive.

I was a temp program assistant for 2 months, and then I was offered permanent employment with benefits. So even though I've been here since March '01, my official anniversary date is May 22, 2001.

I remained a program assistant for a few months longer, then I was promoted to program benefit specialist, dealing with patient billing. Knowing advanced database concepts has really helped me in my career. About a year later BCTF morphed into a new program called Care Coordination and Navigation Services (CCAN) and I morphed into doing full time database administration. I loved it, but it was not without its heartaches. I was in a technological power struggle with a colleague, and I was hating it.

One day, in late 2002 I was approached in the breezeway of my office complex by a mysterious woman in a black leather jacket. She asked me how things were going in my program. We chatted for a bit and then she told me this: "I've heard good things about you, we'd love to have someone of your caliber on our staff". Okay, I admit it, I bought it. Hook, line, and sinker.

And, okay, she wasn't a mysterious woman. I knew who she was, she was a program director for a different program in the company. But she did have a black leather jacket.

Shortly thereafter, an internal posting went out for the Cancer Registry of Central California, for a DC/QC I (data collection/quality control specialist). I applied. I was qualified. I had computer knowledge - I do have a BS in Information Systems from the Sid Craig School of Business at Fresno State, thank you very much. I had anatomy and physiology education from being an ex-dance major and having gone to massage school. And now I did have limited knowledge about breast cancer from my time with BCTF. I love to learn, always have, always will, so I knew I could learn whatever I needed to for this position.

I have no idea how many other candidates there were, but I was offered one of two positions open. The other position went to Melissa, who became my officemate, partner in crime, Romy to my Michelle. We are both Virgos, so things work out quite well. We are VERY understanding of each other. She is mommy to my niece Brianna who was born back in December, if you remember me mentioning it on my Blossoms blog.

I started with CRCC on 1/1/03 and hit the ground running. I had computer programs to learn, and about 8 manuals to go through BEFORE I even became useful. In a nutshell I had to apprentice for two years, then sit for a national certification. I took that exam in March of 2005 and upon passing I became a CTR- a Certified Tumor Registrar. Ah, so THAT'S where that came from. Yes! (Once upon a time my email address was cyclegirlCTR, but people kept asking me if I was Mormon, so I had to change it.) Of course passing my exam brought another promotion, so that's how I came to be the DC/QC II you now know me as.

Been doing it ever since.

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to leave. I applied to different regions, hoping to get the hell out of Fresno, but I think the "Grand Tapestry" had a different plan for me. I tend to cause problems where ever I go (personally, not professionally), so many lives and other things were saved by me not going anywhere. I am full of energy, ideas, and passions, with a touch of ADD, so calm collected environments are not quite for me. I long for them, those Zen environments, but I can't survive in Zen alone. I crave chaos. And I crave peace. I desire creativity, and I desire organization. I am always bouncing around from one extreme to the other, which is why I'm always tired ;) Okay, that and having two jobs. Eventually, I hope, I will find happy medium and be able to co-exist peacefully and creatively in the space where both realms overlap.

Love, Yvette

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yosemite (Finally)

Okay, let me preface this blog post with some thoughts. I was holding on to this post because I was trying to get it "just right", but then I realized, I'm going on a month holding this post, and it will be another six months before I can take some time to get it "just right". So, here it is, incomplete thoughts, bad grammar, and all.

Why? Check things out for mom. It's on my 43 things list to take my mom to Yosemite.

What? Drove down into the valley, hung out way too long at Bridalveil Falls, took lots of pictures at the creek. Drove around, walked around, took lots of pictures.

Stood under the veil- got properly soaked. Good thing I was properly outfitted. Drove the roads. Odd, not used to it. Used to parking and shuttling it around. Looking for parking and handicapped places. Then, since drove around so long, couldn't find parking :( After driving around some more, found parking near the infamous Camp 4. Shuttled to food then went to Lower Falls. Walked the handi route to see if it would be mom-friendly. If it's good enough for a wheelchair, then it's good enough for my momma's waddle. Moved the car to the day lot because could only park there until 6. Spent money at the gift shop like a tourist. Found a cute t-shirt especially for work at REI. If I think about it, I'll take a picture and post it.

Then TRIED to come home. I kept stopping. The views at sunset were stunning. From the moment I got in my car, to actually leaving-leaving, took about 90 minutes. Stopped to see Yosemite Falls, then El Capitan, Bridalveil Falls, then Half Dome from the other side of the tunnel (Wawona Tunnel). Of course once I finally got on my way, I got stuck behind a big tour bus going -10mph.

The drive from Fish Camp to Oakhurst was wild in the dark, and I was surprised by the full moon. I didn't even know there would be one that night. Once upon a time, I was very into the waxing and waning phases of the moon, but not anymore. But still, a big full moon is always pleasant on the eyes.

LOTS of walking. Not my normal "wear", but enough to break in the Merrell's. I've done some 5 mile walks, in both the Soles and the SuperFeet, I like the SuperFeet better. In honesty, I was hoping to be won over by the Soles, just because they have Ed Viesters name on them, but nope, this super girl likes her SuperFeet. (Mental note to self- need to do the write up on all the Chacos I bought).

Anyways, I stopped in Oakhurst for dinner, but was too tired to get out of the car, so I went through the drive-thru and then parked and ate in my car. What I found funny was that I wasn't the only person doing it. There was a man in the car to my left, and a couple in the truck to my right. I wonder if they all spent the day in Yosemite too.

Got home sometimes between 9-10 I think, then immediately downloaded my pictures. Of course I wore my shirt to work the next day. I couldn't wait, and now I'm just waiting to have another break in my schedule so I can go back. Hopefully with Mom. I want to go during the week, hopefully before memorial weekend. Because that's when tourist season starts. My goal is to go back for a total of 8 times before my pass expires, but with the price of gas, I don't know. Lately I've been paying 3.73-ish a gallon at Costco (as of 4/19/08), but I don't know how long they can keep it up (or down). 8 years or so ago, I was bitching about paying $2.50/gal. YOWZA. According to my high school senior scrapbook, gas at the AM/PM that used to be on Blackstone and Gettysburg near my childhood home was .89 for 87. But that was 1991. Yes, I'm O.L.D. (but my kind REI colleagues swear I'm under 30-- I love them!).

Enough talk about gas, it's too depressing. Here! Look at my Pictures: PICTURES It's not all the pictures, I'm still formatting them, but I will let you see what I have so far. Once they are all uploaded, I'll let you know.

Great trip, my only complaint is that I didn't drag anyone with me. I would have liked to have had my picture taken at the Tunnel View. I guess I could have asked one of the tourists to take one of me, but I swear (ok, not really) I was the only person there speaking English. Lots of other languages, most I recognized, some I didn't. And I love the black sock with sandals look-- NOT!!!!

Love, Yvette

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life is a Highway......

Yup, this time to lands south. And in a rental. Car in shop- really long story :(

So once I get back into Fresno on Friday, I'll finish up my Yosemite post and finally get around to posting it, and then I'll tell you what happened to my car.

So in the mean time, check this out:

Love, Yvette

P.S.- And could someone please tell me why my left thumb/palm muscle keeps twitching? To be technical, it's either my Abductor Pollicis Brevis, or my Flexor Pollicis Brevis, my money is on the abductor....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still Working on It

Nope, I haven't forgotten about blogging. I do have a Yosemite blog written in a notebook, but I don't want to post it until I have all my pictures formatted and uploaded into my Flickr account. My blog post about it will have a link to that set.

So stay tuned. Oh yeah, if any of you my friends have Flickr accounts, link up to me. Right now I'm only linked to Tony (of the hardcore), so I look lame for having only one friend.

Love, Yvette