Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Day At the Races

Today was the Central Valley Classic down in the Tower District. It was good, I'll write about it soon and post a link to my flickr account, but first I want to show you the important pictures:

Me with the fabulous Michael Hernandez. (man, would I love to get my hands on those quads)

And this is the lovely Miss Taitt Sato. She took 3rd in the Pro/Elite Womens race. She's tiny (look, shorter than me!) but she is hardcore and a firecracker!!! She kicked ass! My hero!This is Rich. He's the Master Tech (read: he takes good care of my bike) at REI. He came out to race today too.
Keep an eye out for this guy. He's Brandon Trafton- a young one working his way up the peleton. He works part-time at REI while racing Cat 3 and finishing up high school. If I could pick someone to be my baby brother, he would be the one. I can't remember but I think he finished either 5th or 6th in his race today.

I'll post actual race photos as soon as I am done resizing and uploading. Hope your Sunday was as awesome as mine was.

Love, Yvette

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