Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home Sw--uhh... Home

I'm back, for now. I'll definitely have to return to finish my audit. I'll need about 4 more days to complete it.

I tired.

If I don't end up moving to Sacramento, I'm definitely looking into Mo-town. It's just slightly cooler (and I'm not talking the temperature) than Fresno.

Mental note to self for future blog topic: Lost 80's Live concert (that I'm missing) at the State Theatre.

*yawn* going to bed now.

Love, Yvette

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Anonymous said...


Don't do it...Sac is one thing but Modesto...I use to live in Turlock and I enjoyed it..I would have to go to Modesto for a few things but on the whole it is a terrible town!!...Think Bakersfield of the north!! It isn't that much cooler than down here..i.e. they might cool down a day sooner during the summer. A side note: I remember two of my personal physicians telling me that avoid Modesto for medical attention if you need it..They told me to go to Stockton or even Turlock!! It might have changed since then but that was a red flag!! On the other hand my wife and I do go shopping there a couple times a year and yes we are going to go by the new REI in Stockton in April...(why Stockton ??) Moving to Sac would make more sense since it has more and is cooler..Although we went to the State fair last August and it was 103F..Quite miserable for that area..(Also check out the REI's in town to see if they treat Fresno the same...They don't!!)Well that is my two cents...

John in Fresno