Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something I've Learned

Don't put anything on your gift/wedding registry unless you really, really, want it.

The world is full of smart-asses, and Lord knows I am one of them.

A couple who recently got married put a kayak on their registry even though they live in a tiny apartment and have no storage space. The smart-ass groom thought it would be a funny thing to put on a registry because no one in their right mind would buy a $600 kayak as a wedding gift, right?

Well, smart-ass people usually have smart-ass friends. So, Mr. smart-ass friend bought the newlyweds the kayak and a set of paddles.

So guess which smart-ass cashier got to do the smart-ass return? Yup. Me.

That's what I get, for being such a smart-ass, I guess. :)

Love, Yvette

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