Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quickie Hi

A very busy weekend so far. This is just a quick recap until I can get back to blogging.

Saturday: Baby Shower (don't ask) in AM, then pool party at Carlos' in the PM. No details. What happens at Carlos', stays at Carlos'.

Sunday: Worked all day, then had coffee with my good friend Sara V. after a spending spree in the used CD section of Rasputin's. I love that place. I really need to visit an Amoeba, I'm told I would really like it.

Monday: Took off to King Canyon/Sequoia National Parks. I haven't been there in such an embarassing amount of time. Took lots of pictures. Will work on them this week since I'm on vacation from the day job. Still working REI, so no more out of town trips for me this week.

Today: Just chilling this morning because taking off this afternoon to drive my mom and sis to SFO. They are going to Michigan without me this year :( I couldn't commit to go. First I wasn't sure about my job, then when all was cool, I had the car fiasco to deal with. Once I thought I could, tickets jumped from 325 to 800 bucks. I just can't do that high of an amount.

So that's my weekend recap, hope y'all had a good weekend too! :)

Love, Yvette

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