Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sorry For the Communications Blackout

My cell phone epic failed me on this trip. I could only squeeze out one tweet, and I wasn't 100% sure it went through.

So in a nutshell, I did not make it. Missed it by that much. For those of you familar with the trail, I had my epic fail at the base of the final staircase. About a mile from the very top. I felt totally tapped, and I still had to make it back down. I had hiked for about 8.5 hours already, and regardless of where I stopped, it was still only half way. And to make things more hopeless, there was a storm rolling in. So unless I totally booked it - which I absolutely could not- I wouldn't be able to beat the storm to the summit.

I'm just giving you a recap, I need time to recover physically and emotionally. The emotionally part, those of you who know me can remember how upset I get when I do not have a favorable outcome. And unfortunately, there are very few picture of the trip. I'm just glad I came home with my camera. I wanted to chuck it over the side of the mountain.

Love, Yvette


8675309 said...

Yvette, I'm proud of you for doing this and getting as far as you got -- which is so much more than most people ever do! You'll do it next time for sure. Besides...there's nothing wrong with a dress rehearsal. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't be hard on yourself this isn't a easy hike!Too many people try it in Zories with no water! I was wondering if the storm allowed you to even try...Now you have more tome to train for this early nexy in MAY...


Amy said...

I'm just now catching up on people's has been crazy! I've been wondering how it went. What you did is incredible! And you can always go back and go all the way to the top. Half Dome isn't going anywhere! You're not allowed to feel bad about this. I simply won't allow it.