Saturday, March 15, 2008

Turned My Frown Upside Down

Okay, this is going to be a crazy Yvette story that could only come from Yvette.

Yesterday I was really bummed out because it was my colleague Mark's last day working in the Fresno office. I treat him like a big brother, so it was sad to see him leave. We celebrated by going to Incredible John's for lunch and I kicked his ass in a game of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). We had a great time but the whole experience was bittersweet. So, I came into work at REI in a very less than stellar estatic Yvette mood.

Until something happened. Now, because I'm Yvette, I'm NOT going to tell you what happened. Not because it's a secret, but because in relation to the world, it was a very insignificant event.

In my universe within the real universe, it was a VERY significant moment. Reminds me of the time my sister met Steve Perry (Journey) when she was in high school.

All that happened was that someone "poked their head into my universe, looked around briefly, and made eye contact with me before leaving". That is the best way I can think of how to describe it.

For me, it made my day! It turned my frown upside down! I was on cloud 9 for the rest of my day, and maybe a little bit still. Just for something as simple as an acknowledgement of existence.

Lame? Yeah, I know. But like I said, I'm Yvette. I make the corny, extraordinary.

Love, Yvette

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8675309 said...

You are KILLING me with this noninformation. Was it a drum major? ;)