Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hey! It's The Coffee Guy!!!!

I keep telling you, REI is the hub of the universe.

Today I had a customer who recognized me BEFORE I recognized him!

Once upon a time, I used to go to Fresno State (I graduated over 7 years ago). While at Fresno State, I was a business major. Most of my IS classes were at the Peters Building. Inside the Peters Building was a little coffee counter run by Planet Java. I used to stop there daily for my caffeine fix. When I would go, it was always the same guy, day in, day out. His name was Ephiram and he was The Coffee Guy.

Well, Ephiram came through my line today, and he remembered me. He asked me if I went to Fresno State. I told him yes, but with a funny look on my face because it was a long time ago. He said something to me, I wish I could remember what his exact words were, but somewhere in there he said coffee and I said Peters Building. We chatted through the transaction, and then he left.

I was impressed that someone remembered me first, and I was glad to see him again. He was a nice guy back then (I'm sure he still is) and we used to chat between my classes. About an hour later Ephiram came back because he had to exchange something he bought. I told him that I was surprised that he remembered me. He said he was really good at remembering his customers or something to that effect, and then he floored me. He told me that I used to usually order the mocha or get a hot chocolate and ask for extra whipped cream. Damn, he's good.

And as further proof that REI is the hub of the universe, during my sabatical between my old blog and my new blog, I also saw Ms. Fraiser and the "new" Mrs. Erker. I use quotes because they've been married a few years already. Dig that!

Love, Yvette

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