Thursday, March 20, 2008

43 Revisited

And one night (or was it day?)
I was awoken from a dream
I was dreaming of someplace like I'd never been
And I heard someone say
Someone's fallen in and they can't swim
So I leaned out and I pulled them in
And he was holding his head
And it was huge and shaped like a fish
And he slid down to the crook of the keel
And when I was sure he'd fallen asleep
I fell back to my reverie
--At the Beginning of Time by Jane Siberry

I've been meaning to get back to this list. My first edition of this list was back in 2006. You can read it HERE if you'd like. It's not required reading. I found it interesting that there were items on that list 2 years ago, that I don't care about anymore. I change. I'm still growing. I bet that 2 years from now, there will be things that drop off this new list. The items that made it on both lists I've bumped to the top, because, I guess they are core things. Things that may never change.

This new list has some new formatting, just for my personal organizing. You know how much I like cataloging ;)

Oh, and technically, I'm still missing one. :) Enjoy!

My Things:

01. Donate Hair to Locks of Love X 11/17/06
02. Wear a Sari X 10/28/06
03. Learn Taiko Drumming X 12/10/06
04. Participate in a big charity/fund-raising project X 05/05/7 (Relay For Life)

the core list:
05. RIDE- Climb to Kaiser (and finish)
06. GET- My Passport

07. RIDE- A Century (a 100 mile organized bike ride)
08. HIKE- Half Dome
09. VISIT- Kyoto, Japan for the gardens and the blossoms
10. MEET- Lance Armstrong (yes, still)
11. SEE- Peter Gabriel in concert

12. LEARN- How to Play Guitar
13. LEARN- How to Make Sushi
14. VISIT- Deanna in Washington
15. MOVE- To Sacramento (In spite of everything, I still want to go)
16. RIDE- In a Bike Race
17. BE- A Bridesmaid (still hoping)
18. VISIT- The Grand Canyon
19. LEARN- Pointe (again): Take a Pointe Class
20. VISIT- Devil's Postpile
21. BUY- A Condo/Small House

the new additions:
22. SEE- The Aurora Borealis (in person)
23. WEAR- A Kimono
24. CLIMB- To Top of the Climbing Wall, AND GET BACK DOWN (I have serious heights issues)
25. SEE- Mt. Everest (in person)
26. VISIT- Pyramids at Teotichuacan
27. VISIT- Machu Pichu
28. VISIT- Egypt
29. VISIT- Death Valley (really visit, not this drive through at night shit)
30. VISIT- J-Tree

31. LOSE- Weight/Goal: 134 (not unreasonable, it's 20 over my dancing weight)
32. PAY- Off Student Loan (this is the one that feels least possible)
33. VISIT- Auschwitz (some things we should never forget)
34. LEARN- How to Tune-Up My Own Car
35. PET- A Tiger (a real one)
36. SEE- A Ghost (but just once)
37. LEARN- How to Scuba dive
38. VISIT- Take Mom to Yosemite (she's never ever been)
39. LEARN- Ballroom Dance- the Latin Dances
40. WALK- Across the Golden Gate Bridge and Back

41. LEARN- How to Do Cake Decorating.
42. VISIT- The REI Store in Seattle, WA
43. ???????????????????????????????????????????

What dropped off the list? Learning Japanese, Giving up soda, getting a tattoo, spending a weekend at a spa, learning to drive a motorcycle, going skiing, being published, writing a short story, taking a wine-tasting class, catching a fish, inspiring risk, introducing a couple, getting really good at yoga, and going to the chapel Madonna Del Ghisallo in Italy.

Does anyone else do this, or is this just my list fetish gone wild?

Love, Yvette

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Anonymous said...


I like your list!..More people should have them!..As I looked over your list I noticed a few things you could do:

1)The national Parks in CA should be first along with the GG Bridge walk over. Just plan with Mom to take her one spring day to Yosemite..To quoate Nike..Just do it. Since you are single you need to do some of the thing only those without kids can do.. Heck working at REI should help with the Outddor endeavors..It is interesting that you like Sac so much..I have been there numerous times I like it too.. It got really pricey there during this last RE bubble but it is coming down real fast...Faster than it did during the last RE runup (89-91)...SO a small hose /Condo ther may be doable in 2-3 years. Meeting people of interest/musician is hit or miss..i.e.....Seiing Peter Gabriel is only doable if he tours CA/NV. Riding in a bike race/climb to Kaiser is also doable if you are willing to give up 3/4 of the list do to time constraints..I knew a Cat 2 racer and he just rode all the time and henec he could nevr go skiing with me after he started the serois training..Travelling to the East Coast/International locations is also time and $..The passport thing is mainly alot of hurry up and wait...I belive they might have a tiger at the Sierra Cat haven place on hwy 180 in Dunlap..Petting the tiger I don't know??? WTH is Pointe??? Dancing (salsa) and cake decorating(classes @ Michaels)...Well those I won't comment on..

I hope this encourages you..I can't wait for the Used gear sale!!

See you soon,

John in Fresno