Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yosemite Part II

Hi, I'm back to finish the story :)

Actually, I was wrong about lunch. It wasn't sloppy joe's, it was a bbq pulled-chicken sandwich served with spicy cole-slaw. It was spicy, but it was oh so good. Or maybe I was just oh-so-hungry. For dessert they served brownies, yummy brownies. Food tastes so good when you've been working hard.

After that, we were released to do as we pleased! Carlos, Jeremy and Tara went climbing. Alyson, Melissa, and I were going to go hike around Sentinel Dome, but we were invited to go up to Tenaya Lake with Belinda and her parents who were in from Florida. I'd never been up to the high country before so I jumped on this chance fast!

We left the valley and drove up Tioga Pass, stopping along the way to take pictures. It was a lovely drive. As we drove up, the ground went from a lush green to a dirty white. There was still snow on the ground! The first time we stopped above the snow line, we had to put on our jackets. It was cool up there! Not cold, but cool and breezy. Felt good :)

We drove up to Tenaya Lake, and hung out for a while, then looped back to Olmstead Point. I took as many pictures as I possibly could. Hopefully you've checked out my pictures. Yes, they suck. I need to take a photography class, and learn how to use a camera.

Back at camp, we regrouped for an end of event potluck. Just us "REE-ers" and the mates we adopted during our stay: Anna, Scott, Scott, and other-guy-I-can't-remember-his-name. Adam? No clue. Anyways, it was good eats, Belinda prepared a FEAST!

After that, it was time to tear down and return to Earth, return to real life, return to the SJV. Return to The No. Can you tell I wasn't ready to come back?

It was a very good weekend. I'm going to volunteer next year and try to stay all weekend long!

Love, Yvette

PS-If you missed the link to the pics the first time here it is again LINK

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