Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh Yeah....

One more thing. The thing I couldn't let out of the bag just yet. I got the green light and then quickly forgot about it.
I, The Big YZ, am going to be a great-aunt.
*insert disbelief here*
Allie, my niece, and her fiance are going to have a baby in March.
I'm over the inital shock, and now I'm like "whatever"
But you know, YOU KNOW, who is going to be the first one laughing at them when they realize that it's harder than they ever imagined and they probably should have waited a little bit longer.
Whatever. Yeah, I'll be going to the baby shower, but only because mom pulled the mom-card. But no games for me. I don't do games, and I don't do pretty and cute.
Love, Yvette

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